Born in Kansas

Consider Lincoln, Nebraska, my home town

BSBA degree from Univ. of Tulsa

Addicted to alcohol for over thirty years
Two failed marriages, mainly due to my alcoholism

Vied Nam vet but did not personally experience combat

Worked in electronic repair--computers, communications,

        auto stereo, missile guidance, power systems

Self employed for sixteen years

Completely freed from alcoholism in one day--by Jesus--

    twenty-one-years ago--learn more about this at


Completely freed from addictions to smoking and gambling

     two days later--by Jesus

Became a real born-again Christian twenty-one-years ago.

Have been trying to help young people see the foolishness

     of evolution and the truth of Jesus for the last thirteen-

     years--Many thousands of evolution/gospel tracts passed

     out--My older website www.trashevolution.com has

     had tens-of-thousands of visitors. You may fine it      


Took the original stopitncpublicschools.com website down to

     try to get more love into my message--I felt I was too

     harsh on my criticism of the atheist/evolutionists.

     Rewrote to hopefully be kinder to the

     atheist/evolutionists--God does love them, too.  

Hopefully, young people--and some old--will see the truth

     that evolution is really just a superstition promoted by      

     people who have been fooled into thinking they can make

     their own rules for living ("truth is relative"=nonsense)