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Suppose a man pointed to his five-year-old son and then pointed to a really fancy, top-of-the-line motorcycle and said, "My son made that from scratch."  You would probably fall over from the shock of hearing an adult make such a ridiculous statement.  Unfortunately, North Carolina's  public education students are expected to believe many claims of a similar nature, which is a shame,but the people of America who do not believe in God (atheists) have forced their superstitious beliefs onto the American public education system.

I have written this website to show the people of the state of North Carolina (and some other states?) that we can break this atheist bond that has shackled our public schools for so long.  What bond?The practice of teaching students to believe the intelligence-choking superstition called evolution-by-natural- selection.

Evolution is a superstition?  ABSOLUTELY! 

"WHAT?  NO WAY!"some of you say. However, I DID NOT CREATE THIS WEBSITE FOR "FUNZIES!"  Please set aside any bias for or against evolution andread what I say.  You will become aware of the significant
problem that evolution is for students and the ways to correct that problem in the state of North Carolina's public education system.(These correction methods may also apply to some other states [see the page "Citizens of N.C., Do This"]).

To get started, please consider the following:

First, I present a truth no one can deny!

All teenagers know that as they grow and improve use of their intelligence they are better able to design and make complex things.

Next,scientists demand that their scientific method be used.  One essential part of theScientific Method is torepeatedly testyour ideas (hypotheses) about how something works or came to be.  So, when close andrepeated inspectionsof many different things in nature reveals that theyall look designed, you simply have to conclude they are not the result of chance accidents as the superstition of evolution claims--THERE MUST BE A DESIGNER!!! 

And,please take note of the following definitions of the word superstition:

 su-per-sti-tion . . . n.1. A belief held in spite of evidence to the contrary.2. a. A  belief, practice, or rite resulting from ignorance of the laws of nature or from faith in magic or chance.b. A fearful or abject state of mind resulting from such ignorance or irrationality.
( The American Heritage Dictionary, Second College Edition., 1982.)  

‚ÄčPlease look over my other pages.  They will justify my words against evolution and its superstitious ways.  I also tell of the methods we citizens can use to correct this serious education problem in North Carolina. NOTE: That page also tells readers from other stateshow they might get started in doing the same.


Also, since atheists/evolutionists believe the existence of invisible gravity by seeing its effects when repeatedly dropping rocks and other objects, why do they insist on denying the existence of invisible God when they readily admit to repeatedly seeing intelligent design in living things-------to be consistent, evolutionists should be denying the existence of gravity.

How much improvement on a teenager's--or anybody's--intelligence do you think might be needed to design and make the human hearing system pictured above?

This is discussed on the "chance" page!

Note:  Even when repeated inspections indicate a similarity in different living things, this does not prove evolution's claim of a common ancestor--similarity could very well be because of a common designer.

Outer Ear           Eardrum          Stirrup

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